Zhuzhou Keneng New Material Co., Ltd.was established in January 2001 and registered in Jinshan sci-tech park, Zhuzhou, Hunan,
China. We are a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of minor & rare metals and new materials of photoelectric energy, and we are one of the licensed…… [See Content]
[2018/7/20] Goodbye Silicon! Your Next Computer Chip Could B
[2018/7/13] U.S. levies tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chin
[2018/7/4] The Kunming court publicly trialed Fanya Metals
[2018/6/29] Hunan Province environmental protection inspecti
[2018/6/22] Both production and marketing thrive on our mino
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High Purity Antimony Ingot
Bismuth Pearl
Bismuth Needle
Bismuth Trioxide
Bismuth Ingot
Indium Oxide
Indium Granule
Indium Sheet
Indium Wire
Indium Ingot
Indium Bar
Gallium Oxide
Bismuth Powder
Tellurium Powder
High Purity Gallium
High Purity Gallium Rodingot
Tin Oxide
Tin Powder
Zhuzhou KEDIA Industry Co., Ltd.